Annnnnnnd weโ€™re back with another fun project here at Studio Matsalla. We teamed up with Dutch Boy Paint and Purdy to throw a little paint party in our design studio/retail space.

Iโ€™ve been inspired by Scandinavian style more than ever lately and have been particularly drawn to their subtle use of pastel shades. I came up with an idea of color-blocking the main wall in our design studio to give the space a more unique feel, while adding a little color to our already bright white walls. 

Supplies: I used two brushes, Purdy Clearcut Glide and Clearcut Swan, and one Purdy White Dove Roller on their Revolution Frame to execute this DIY project. I love that their brushes are still made by hand, personally and individually. Amidst a world of mass made products, Purdy is an 85 year old company that handcrafts each brush by skilled Purdy brushmakers, many of them having decades of experience. They have a nice weight to them and feel durable and high-quality. Double win.

I started by taping out a random triangle on the shop wall and added a long band of paint tape across the bottom of the wall from corner to corner. I wanted the look to feel intentional but not perfect. Then I carefully followed along the lines of the inside of the tape as I painted to make sure the lines were clean and crisp. The Purdy Clearcut Glide was the perfect tool for this job with is excellent cut-in ability.

Two of my favorite stores in San Francisco are the Mollusk Surf Shop and General Store. They both have a quirky, laid-back style with an airy beach vibe about them. I used their color palettes as my inspiration to start. For the paint, I used Dutch Boyโ€™s Rosehips White A20-4to paint the band along the bottom of the wall and Peaches with Cream B2-4 to paint the triangle. love the convenience of their easy to openTwist and Pourยฎ container. Also, I didnโ€™t need it on this project because my walls were white, but the product I used, Dutch Boy Refresh Paint + Primer, is self-priming so there isn't a need for multiple coats and makes your life that much easier. Anything to save me time these days is a true blessing!

This paint was perfect to keep our studio/retail space fresh and clean while giving it that unique and quirky feel that I desired because itโ€™s created with Arm & Hammer odor eliminating technology. This contributes to the reduction of common household odors and aids in the creation of a more beautiful environment.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Voila! A subtle yet striking wall to serve as the perfect backdrop for our colorful textiles and merchandise. 

xo, Vanessa


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Do you have what it takes to be our next design assistant? We're expanding and in need of someone great to help manage our amazing projects and clients! 20 hours a week to start and possibly more.  (Monday - Friday) 


  • At least 1-2 years experience working in residential interior design
  • Proficient in AutoCAD, Photoshop and Excel. Studio webware experience preferred
  • Live locally in north county // San Diego area
  • Must be proactive, forward thinking and detail-oriented


  • AutoCAD space planning + elevations
  • Sourcing on-line and in-person
  • Picking up samples // dropping them off
  • Budget creation and management
  • Digital design boards 
  • Project Organization + Management
  • Library Organization + Management 
  • Purchasing / expediting

If you think you're a great fit, please send your resume and portfolio to INFO@STUDIOMATSALLA.COM

xo, Vanessa

The coziest living room rug with Rug NINJA

I'm really excited to share with you one of the newest additions to our living room. This living space has been ever-evolving and I've never been 100% happy with it until now. The indoor/outdoor space is a special one and we spend most of our time in here so it was important to me to wait for the right pieces to come along.

We teamed up with Rug Ninja to beautify the space even more with the coziest rug I've ever laid eyes on. I first came across this Scandinavia Dula when I was at the Las Vegas Market a few months ago and fell in love with it. The knots are huge and whimsical, but the overall piece has a level of sophistication that really added refinement to the casual space. It really pulled everything together.

I added some of our blue vintage pillows to the room from our shop for a contrast in color. I've been thinking about painting the natural wood trim around the windows white but having a hard time pulling the trigger since it adds uniqueness to the room.

The shade of this rug is gray, but has a few different + natural colors blended in that makes it really beautiful and interesting. You can see the up-close shot below. It really is a stunner. 

Rug Ninja offers a number of similar options if you're in need of a slightly different color or hue. Their website is helpful for suggesting similar pieces that you're shopping on their website. If you're looking for something very specific, their navigation helps pin down exactly what you're looking for in a matter of seconds. 

Thank you to Rug Ninja for making our lives more beautiful. They offer FREE shipping in the Continental USA - so get your shop on!



New goods at Studio Matsalla!

We received tons of brand spankin' new + beautiful merchandise - some of our favorite textiles and color combinations to date. Pinks, blues, vintage batiks, pastel shag rugs and pastel turkish towels, oh my! The holidays are only a few months away and we've got you covered. Get started stocking up as our quantities are always limited. 

 Shop the new collection:

Have you followed our new Instagram for the shop? We introduced The Studio Matsalla Supply last week and would love for you to follow along. 


xo, Vanessa