Don't be Afraid of the DARK (walls)

Everyone wants bright white these days. White walls, white floors, white framing, white EVERYTHING. I love a bright white. I love gray whites, blue whites, all sorts of whites. I used a lot of WHITE this year designing various homes. So for the sake of kicking things up, let's dance with white's archenemy; dark blues and charcoal black walls.  Because, why not. It's equally as beautiful and serves as a beautiful canvas to boot.

If you're a creative, this space speaks volumes to you. I tend to prefer using whites or light grey's in an office or bedroom. I love the idea of having bright walls as a blank canvas for creativity. However, dark walls have the same effect if you use them in a similar way (via The Smitten Studio)


What's important about using a dark color in your bedroom, is to make sure there is a balance and contrast between furniture and accessories. The bright area rug and trim makes the wall POP in a beautiful way without the room feeling too cave-like. (via A Thoughtful Place)

The use of this dark wall makes a beautiful canvas for a gallery. Try not to clutter. You want both the gallery and dark wall to compliment each other, not one dominating the other. (via The Effortless Chic

Warm woods against a dark wall give an incredible amount of style and warmth in this dining room. The key here is adding bright white trim and a bright white ceiling to balance it out. (via Nous Decor)

Kitchens can achieve dark wall beauty, too. Again, contrast is key! (Via Dos Family)

xo, Vanessa