Lè Rug Shop is OPEN!

No, I'm not french but Lè Rug Shop sounds so much more fancy. ANYWAY, one of the main staples of any interior is a warm and cozy rug. Right? Right. It's one of the first items I started sourcing for after a paint selection is finalized. Every room has a vibe; good, bad or "meh" and where does that start and end? Often, what's on the floor, is what sets the tone for the rest of the room. There are no rules and layering rugs is a great alternative when replacing old carpet isn't in the budget. 

I love the appeal and warmth that ethnic rugs have; the colors and unique designs are what set them apart from everything else out there. I've hand selected some of my favorite, colorful and funky rugs that are now available in my online shop. Each of them are unique and handmade with love, in Shiraz. Investing in a quality staple will last a lifetime, and above all...beyond any trend that exists. Take a peek below at what we've got in the shop and get yo' shop on!


We're adding more products all the time so make sure to check back often for my ramblings, and even better...the goods!

xo, Vanessa