Cottage Bathroom Remodel - Before and After

Comin' atcha with yet another bathroom remodel this beautiful Monday. There's nothing better than creating a bright, uplifting space that makes your heart beat. Here is what lè bathroom looked like BEFORE!

This master bathroom was interesting to say the least. First, the mirrors hung so low that when you stood in front of it, your head was chopped off because of the upper window placement. No bueno. The other design dilemma was that the shower was REALLY tiny and had an all around dungeon-vibe. Double no bueno.

I took those problems and slapped on some awesome. I wanted to stay in alignment with my client's request to incorporate natural elements and have a soothing appeal. Here is what I came up with below!

We modified the windows above the mirror and moved them to the wall left of the vanity. I also converted the stand-up shower to a huge tub shower to open up the room and of course, allow for a bigger shower space.

There you have it, folks.

xo, Vanessa