Modern Beach House Bathroom Remodel

The delivery of these "after" photos made my heart palpitate. This transformation was a satisfying and rewarding renovation; one of my most favorite to-date. Since my clients live near the ocean, they wanted to tie in a modern vibe with natural elements of the beach. I think we did just that. I hope you enjoy the before and afters as much as I enjoyed designing!


The original shower was pushed up against the back wall on the left and everything just felt dated and uninspiring. We didn't want the toilet facing the bathtub and felt the need to open the space up a bit.


We added a nook in front of the toilet to make room for a towel rack and some decorative items. We wanted the space to feel more open but also serve a purpose. 

Vanessa bath lo res (5 of 7).jpg

I ran the floor tiles into the dam and shower bench for a more cohesive look. We went with a linen tile on the walls that tied nicely into the pebble shower floor. She's a beauty!

AFTER photos by Gail Owens Photography

xo, Vanessa