Thrifted Bench Makeover

Thrifting is one of those designer duties you have to wear your party pants for. You've got your regular stores, you zip into the parking lot, throw it into park, walk in...take a look at the questionable items (and people) and leave. You leave happy or unenthused. Most of the time, unenthused. This weekend I left with a smile that could have scared small children.

I came across this $12 Hollywood Regency brass vanity bench and did a solo party dance in the back of the antique market. Later that day, I picked up new piece of foam at Joanne's (because who knows what kind of crust lived deep within that existing cushion) and I got to work. I hoard tons of fabric for various projects from all over the globe and this vintage indigo number ended up working beautifully for the end product. I hope you love the transformation.

xo, Vanessa