How to Modernize your Bungalow with Paint

I had the opportunity to help a local San Diego client transform the exterior of their home. We turned their salmon colored time capsule into a cool and breezy mid century modern bungalow with the help of some shiny new paint selections and other minor modifications. Let's walk through the process and I'll share some tips on how to achieve a similar look.


We took a little waltz around the front of the house together and chatted about the vision of her home, how she wanted it to look, budget, colors and overall vibes. I brought some photos for inspiration and we went from there. 


We decided it was best to remove the window white shutters and some of the foliage outside up against the house. They weren't helping our clean line vibes and we wanted a more modern feel. We agreed to update the house numbers to kick things up a bit as well. I proposed a bright white and a few shades of deep dark gray. The client ended up choosing Tricorn Black and Pure White by Sherwin Williams. It turned out bright and beautiful - a real cool kids house.

:: AFTER ::


A few things to keep in mind when painting your home to give it a fresh, modern look:

1. Choose only two colors and make sure they aren't monochromatic. You don't want two of the same color in a different shade unless one is REALLY saturated and the other is REALLLLLLY light. You want the contrast of color - it will make all the difference and give enough punch to deliver that modern look.

2. Go bold and dark with the trim paint. Keep the main elements neutral so you have the luxury of adding color with small pops. Less is more.

3. Remove any landscaping that looks like it could have been planted in 1962. Although we want the mid-century bungalow look that stems from that era, the future has made leaps and bounds in the area of cool let's chuck any shrubbery that could have been shaped into Disney characters at some point or another. More on cool landscaping later...

4. Switch up your house numbers to something you'd find in Palm Springs - some great resources are here, here and here

xo, Vanessa

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