Dining room storage doesn't have to be your granny's ol' china hutch. Long are the days where your servingware need be on display (however cool that is and should be brought back).  A good sideboard can bring a sense of modern elegance to a dining room and also provide functionality without being the focal point of the room. Without further ado, here are some delicious modern sideboard options I came across in my search for the perfect dining storage solution:

You don't have to think BIG on this idea. If you have a small nook in your dining area or breakfast nook, you can always choose something simple and small, like this black matte hottie.

A mid-century modern option made even cooler. Try and choose a piece with some added intrigue, like the stunning woodworking detail on the above piece. It really sets it apart from most vintage pieces. 

Mix warmth and modern styles together. Sometimes you'll find yourself matching every piece of decor you own to match the vibe of your home. Try something out of the ordinary. A modern floating navy sideboard paired with the warmth of an old cottage style-space. It's unexpected and it works. 

I always pay attention to the grain on cabinetry, wood species and furniture. This added detail can sometimes make all the difference in a somewhat simple piece of furniture. This one goes out to all the Scandi lovers.

One of my favorite finds. The added pop of a metallic pulls this piece together with a bang. The juxtaposition of the black, warm wood and brass is a winning combo. 


Another great combination of mixed materials. The matte gray finish pairs lovely with the warm wood base, making a great foundation for all sorts of copper and brass adornments that really make this piece stand out.

Theres nothing better than a sophisticated black and white combo with a nod to Scandinavian design. There is something chic, understated and timeless about this setup. 

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