Annnnnnnd we’re back with another fun project here at Studio Matsalla. We teamed up with Dutch Boy Paint and Purdy to throw a little paint party in our design studio/retail space.

I’ve been inspired by Scandinavian style more than ever lately and have been particularly drawn to their subtle use of pastel shades. I came up with an idea of color-blocking the main wall in our design studio to give the space a more unique feel, while adding a little color to our already bright white walls. 

Supplies: I used two brushes, Purdy Clearcut Glide and Clearcut Swan, and one Purdy White Dove Roller on their Revolution Frame to execute this DIY project. I love that their brushes are still made by hand, personally and individually. Amidst a world of mass made products, Purdy is an 85 year old company that handcrafts each brush by skilled Purdy brushmakers, many of them having decades of experience. They have a nice weight to them and feel durable and high-quality. Double win.

I started by taping out a random triangle on the shop wall and added a long band of paint tape across the bottom of the wall from corner to corner. I wanted the look to feel intentional but not perfect. Then I carefully followed along the lines of the inside of the tape as I painted to make sure the lines were clean and crisp. The Purdy Clearcut Glide was the perfect tool for this job with is excellent cut-in ability.

Two of my favorite stores in San Francisco are the Mollusk Surf Shop and General Store. They both have a quirky, laid-back style with an airy beach vibe about them. I used their color palettes as my inspiration to start. For the paint, I used Dutch Boy’s Rosehips White A20-4to paint the band along the bottom of the wall and Peaches with Cream B2-4 to paint the triangle. love the convenience of their easy to openTwist and Pour® container. Also, I didn’t need it on this project because my walls were white, but the product I used, Dutch Boy Refresh Paint + Primer, is self-priming so there isn't a need for multiple coats and makes your life that much easier. Anything to save me time these days is a true blessing!

This paint was perfect to keep our studio/retail space fresh and clean while giving it that unique and quirky feel that I desired because it’s created with Arm & Hammer odor eliminating technology. This contributes to the reduction of common household odors and aids in the creation of a more beautiful environment.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Voila! A subtle yet striking wall to serve as the perfect backdrop for our colorful textiles and merchandise. 

xo, Vanessa


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