The Timeless Black and White Bathroom

I love a wild + cool cement tile more than most people, believe me, but theres a life-cycle to every trend and we may have seen the cement tile peak. The key to making great design decisions is not only the "wow" factor, it's about thinking ahead and making sure your design will withstand the ever-changing trends.......AND there are so many.

This is why I love a great black and white bathroom. If done right, it will remain timeless and you wont kick yourself every time you see fifteen hundred other bathrooms on pinterest with the same look. Soooooo passè.  I've rounded up six of my favorite black and white bathrooms that defy the word trendy........ and instead, scream awesome. 

The above bathroom was able to utilize an on-trend encaustic tile by pairing it with a more classic, old-word vibe. We're loving how this space maintains a level of sophistication. 

A beautiful example of a modern black and white design that incorporated the cement tile trend in one small dose, the shower floor. 

Just because you stick with a black and white color scheme doesn't mean you can't choose a fun shape-tile like these scalloped beauties. Adding whimsy doesn't always translate to color. This is a perfect example of that. 

One of my favorites, simple and cool. The black matte fixtures are the perfect contrast to the bright white penny tiles. 

The tall marble backsplash adds a level of depth to this bathroom that would have otherwise looked ordinary. 

The dark, almost black stain to this bathroom vanity is both interesting and unique. Consider a stained cabinet instead of a black painted vanity to create intrigue.


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xo, Vanessa